About us

Why choose our office?

We believe that our general practice law office offers a good quality/price ratio. Among others, we strive to maintain our operating costs low in order to offer affordable rates to our clients without compromising the quality of service.

In certain circumstances, we accept legal aid mandates. Please note, however, that the decision whether or not to accept a legal aid mandate is at our complete discretion.

We treat each case individually, taking into consideration not only the legal facets of the issue, but also its human aspects. That includes assessing the impact of a potential litigation on the client's priorities and objectives in order to provide the best possible advice for that particular client.

Whenever possible, we strive to settle the case amicably. Occasionally, we advise our clients against proceeding with litigation, for example if a deadline for recourse has expired or when the recourse has low chances of success. In other situations, however, a judicial contestation (including, if necessary, appealing a judgment) remains the most appropriate way to defend the legitimate rights of the client. In such cases, we litigate vigorously and with determination.

Our team

Me Andrey Mutchnik ( | LinkedIn)

Me Mutchnik (attorney since 2010) is the president of the firm. He was awarded the Bachelor of laws degree (LL.B.) by the University of Montreal and a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) by McGill University. His practice includes various fields of law.

Me Mutchnik speaks English, French, and Russian.


If you wish to join our team, we invite you to send us, by e-mail at, your resume and motivation letter.

Our services

Being a general practice office, our services have touched, over time, the following areas, both in demand and in defence:

Services to individuals

Services to businesses

  • Administrative law
    • Permits
    • Social benefits
  • Civil law
    • Contracts
    • Insurance litigation
    • Estate law
  • Criminal and penal law
    • Driving while under influence
    • Speeding
    • Refusal to take a test
    • Assaults
    • Theft
  • Family law
    • Support payments
    • Divorce
    • Child custody
    • Youth protection
  • Labour law
    • Wrongful dismissal
    • Labour standards
  • Tax law
    • Assistance during tax audit
    • Opposition to tax assessments
    • Tax litigation
  • Bankruptcy and insolvency
  • Immigration
    • Family immigration
    • Skilled workers
    • Student and visitor visas
  • Dwelling
    • Variation of rent
    • Rent payment delinquencies
    • Repossession and eviction
  • Consumer protection
  • Purchase and sale of a business
  • Incorporation and start-up of a business
  • Civil litigation
  • Labour law litigation
  • Litigation related to unfair competition
  • Tax litigation
  • Intellectual property
  • Recovery of unpaid accounts
  • Annual resolutions and reporting
  • Restructuring, bankruptcy, and insolvency
  • Business support

Become a client

New client? Here are some useful tips:

  1. When you schedule an appointment, it's important to state to the lawyer, in a few words, the object of your issue. This way, the lawyer would be able to better prepare for the consultation.
  2. If you think you may be eligible for legal aid, mention it to the lawyer.
  3. Prior to your appointment, send us by e-mail a brief description of the facts in issue. If you're not certain of the relevance of a given fact is, note it anyway - you never know!
  4. Before your appointment, send us by e-mail a scanned copy of any document that relates to your situation, even if you're uncertain of its relevance. Provide as much information as possible.
  5. When you send us scanned documents, unless specified otherwise, please (a) send them in pdf format, (b) do not send each page of a document in a separate pdf file (one document = one pdf file), (c) keep the size of every transmitted file reasonably low.

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